How To Submit a Listing

30November 2020

There are 2 listing types on our website, Basic/Free and Premium.

Once logged in (after you have registered) you have the choice of listing type to enter.

Firstly enter the ‘Listing Name’ which should be the name of your business – what your customers know your business as.

Then select the ‘free’ or ‘premium’ radio button to choose your listing type. The defualt is Free/Basic listing. If you select ‘Premium’ the screen will change to reflect the additional details that you can enter into a ‘Premium’ listing.

Fields required for a Basic listing are:

Business Description:   A brief description (less than 1000 characters) of your business.

Address: Enter your business address in the box above the map. The Maps app will show you some suggestions as you type in your details. Please make sure that the map section displays a marker on or around the street address that you enter.

Phone: Enter your phone number. Please use the number that your customers will use to contact your business.

Featured Images: Recommended Image size is 1530 x 765 pixels. This is the image that will show on our listings pages and also your individual listing page.

Website:  Enter your website’s address – eg.

Category: There are 3 main categories on our site to assist your customers in finding local businesses and business types. These are Location, Sevices, and Types. See the ‘About Page’ here for full list of all these categories..

Location:   We have split the Merseyside area into 6 local areas based on the postcodes. Liverpool, Knowsley, Sefton, St Helens, Wirral, and West Lancs. Liverpool is further split into 5 districts, Centre, Inner, Central North, Central South, and South. Sefton is split into 2 districts, South & Formby and North. Wirral is split into 3 districts, Birkenhead & Wallasey, North and South.

Please select the areas relevant for your business’ postcode and any surrounding areas where customers may come from to your business. Maximum of 3 areas please.

Services:  Please select the services that you offer as appropriate – Eat In, Delivery, Takaway.

Types:  There are far too many types of food served throught the Merseyside area so we have had to limit this category to the most popular types. Please select up to 3 types as appropriate for your business: Choose from – Burger, Chinese, Fish & Chips, Indian. Pizza, Sandwiches, and Other.

Create a New Listing button:  Click this to subit your entries for review and publication. Reviews are normally completed within one business day.

Fields required for a Premium listing are:

All of the above plus:

Additonal Details:  A WYSIWYG editor to enable full description of your business, including additonal images if required.

Logo:  Small 200 x 100 pixel logo image.

Schedule Days:  Input your opening hours for wach day of the week.

Email:  Enter your email address that you want the public to see.

Video:  You can enter the URL of any of your videos available on the internet.

Images: You can upload up to 10 images of recommended size 1500 x 1000 pixels to your image gallery for display on your individual listing page.

Extra Links:  This allows you to add a buton that will link to a page on your website. Most willuse this for a link to your online menu / ordering page.

Social Media Links:  Enter the URL of your, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.

Purchase Your Listing:  This button replaces the ‘Create a New Listing’ button which will take you to our payment processing section.

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